About Friday Mixtape

What Is Friday Mixtape?
One new mixtape is posted on this website every Friday.

Every week I compile the songs that I discovered during the previous week into a mixtape. I only use songs that are already freely downloadable or songs that are sent in directly by bands. When I say mixtape I mean it in the classic cassette tape mixtape for your girlfriend sense of the word, not the rapper mixtape sense.

I also add a photograph that I’ve taken and bundle it all up in one neat package for the internet to enjoy. Occasionally I miss a week or two here and there when life takes over but I try really hard not to.

Thousands of people get Friday Mixtape in their inbox and also follow along on Twitter.

I only ever send one email per week and most tweets from @FridayMixtape are music related.

Who Makes Friday Mixtape?
This website is curated by Duncan Rawlinson aka @TheLastMinute aka @FridayMixtape aka @PhotographyIcon.

How Do I Contact You?
Email Please please please do not add me to your bands’ shitty newsletter, and for the love of god I DO NOT want to buy your god damn beats so stop spamming me about it.

How Can I Support The Artists Featured On This Website?
Great question! If you’re a real music fan you’ll be sure to buy lots of music, go to shows, buy merch, and support your favorite artists. All the material on this website is the property of the respective artists, please use only for personal enjoyment. If you need something taken down email me.