Friday Mixtape 378 – by @TheLastMinute

Hey everybody,

Welcome to Friday Mixtape 378. I might wind this down soon. It’s getting progressively more difficult to find quality freely downloadable music. Arists just aren’t sharing free mp3s anymore. You can thank Spotify for that. I also have less and less time to make these. That combination may prove deadly for this little side project. I will try to keep this thing up. If not, well it’s been a good run.

Full Mix:
Friday Mixtape 378

Jarabi (Bado Edit) – Sona Jobarteh

Withdrawals – Doe Hadfield

Solo (Besomorph Edit) – Jennie

My Life (Blond:ish Remix) – ZHU x Tame Impala

Big Mouth AKA The Next Level (Phat Mastered) – Monika

Night Is On My Mind (Warden Bootleg) – Oliver

Tomorrow Never Knows – Angelo Repetto

Boyfriend(Dough Boy Remix) – Tyler Cassidy

Halcyon Age – Vansire

Homemade Dynamite (Akari Remix) – Lorde

Reverce City – Altone – Yuki Takasaki

Odes – Diskret

Macaco Nu Jazz – MIX3 LANDR High – Pablo Zuazo

adultswimtypebeat – Kenny Segal