How To Curate A Guest Friday Mixtape

  1. Put together a playlist in iTunes of really great music. (only music that is freely available for download online)
  2. Once you’ve organized your playlist put the mp3s into a folder on your desktop and rename the files so they are in order ( ie: 01 – artist – songname.mp3 the next would be 02 – artist – songname.mp3 )
  3. Name the folder on your desktop something unique like ashley’s mixtape or your twitter username: like “@thelastminute’s mixtape”
  4. Put a text file that contains a tracklist into that folder (ideally as plain text .txt file)
  5. In the text file also include your website or twitter or wherever/however you want me to give you attribution if I post the mixtape! (be specific, and tell me if you want me to use your full name or whatever)
  6. Now string the mp3s together into one long mixed mp3 and put that in the folder (You have a way better chance of getting your mix posted if you do this… I use garageband on my Mac for this and I export the song @ 320 kpbs… it’s very easy to do and takes me about 15 minutes)
  7. Finally put the folder into your dropbox folder and share that folder with me on dropbox: (how to share a folder on dropbox)

Don’t worry it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Just have fun with it.

Please note, your guest mixtape will only be posted if it’s insanely great. Or if I’m too busy to be able to make one myself!

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