2010 Sounds Like The Future

Download Friday Mixtape 048 as one track (MP3 170MB 320kbps)

Track List:
Music for Life ft. Nas | Talib Kweli + DJ Hi-Tek
Get By RMX Mos Def, Jay-Z, Kanye & Busta | Talib Kweli + DJ Hi-Tek
RE:Definition ft. Mos Def | Talib Kweli + DJ Hi-Tek
Lupe Fiasco – I’m Beaming | Lupe Fiasco
Kilometer 1001010101001 REMIX | Sebastien Tellier
Dream In The Desert (Flight Facilities Remix) | The Lowbrows
Twilight In The Afterlife | Stereogum x team9
The Energy Story (Original Mix) | College feat Minitel Rose
The High Road | Broken Bells
New Year | The Kissaway Trail
Elevator Love Letter | Stars
Tunnelvision | Here We Go Magic
Half Moon Street | Tap Tap
So Far Around The Bend | The National
Ray Gun | The Bird & The Bee
Architect | The Decembrists
Ten Years Gone | Led Zeppelin
Les Professionnels | Air

Shout Outs:
govmusic, D2KG, wints, BARRR, y2corbin, wrimey, blleaf, boneintell, harrisprehogan, makechoice, gRAYCEmUSIK, GhostFerret3000, KidDmo, and DorothyJS