Friday Mixtape 260 – by @TheLastMinute

Friday Mixtape 260

Welcome to Friday Mixtape Two Hundred Sixty. Nao with moar triangles℠.

This week’s mixtape is the usual jumble of delicious songs. I hope your rump shakes accordingly.

Here is the full res version of the photo above. It was pretty weird to see clouds scraping along the ground like that.

Props to everyone who has already donated to keep the servers humming. I appreciate your contributions.

Thanks for listening and cya next week, same time, same cyberspace.



Full Mix:
Friday Mixtape 260

Take Ten (Leftside Wobble Edit) – Paul Desmond
Suga Suga Jerry Folk Remix – Jerry Folk
Say it – The Geek x VRV
Rumble In The Jungle (Beshken Remix) – The Fugees
Remember – TroyBoi
Raury – God’s Whisper (La’Reda Remix) – La’Reda
Nightcall (Ardency Remix) – Kavinsky
Bloodflows (Tontario Remix) – SOHN
A$AP Rocky – Fuckin’ Problems ft Xavier Dunn (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko, Kasual Remix) – Vijay & Sofia
Let It Go (Boehm Remix) – James Bay
Monatomic – Palm Beach
You’re ILL – option4 BF-m – Option4
Decepticon Funk (Original Mix) – Macrohard
HOLD IT DOWN (P.O.P) – 4B Ft. Donna Goudeau
Nacho – Stratus
Biggie Bounce (Ghastly X Mija Ass & Titties Mix) – Diplo
No Type (PARTY FAVOR Remix) – Rae Sremmurd
Don’t Say ft. Tyga (Beshken Remix) – LIZ
Runaway (Jake Brodoway Remix) – Galantis
Waves (Feat. Neenah) – Addal
Midnight Hours (Zimmer remix) – Wunder Wunder
Right Time (feat. Soraya) – Beshken
Pure – Mihail Doman
Quiet Nights – Catching Flies