Friday Mixtape 278 – by @TheLastMinute

Friday Mixtape 278

I would like to apologize for the batch of emails you may have received on Friday April 17th. Some of you received more than 30 emails in a row. For those of you with notifications turned on this was VERY annoying. (Some people said their friends we’re impressed with their ‘popularity’ lols. ding. ding. ding….)

Why This Happened:
The email newsletter company I use (Aweber) tried to send 278 individual emails to every single person on the Friday Mixtape email list. This happened because their system detected my feed had been updated. In other words it’s a glitch with their software.

Thankfully a Friday Mixtape listener notified me about it almost immediately and I tried to stop it. (CUT THE HARD LINE, CUT THE HARD LINE, CUT. THE. HARD. LINE…….) Unfortunately it was already too late and the damage was done.

What I’m Going To Do About It:
As you can imagine I’m really unhappy with Aweber and will probably move to mailchimp this week as a result. Aweber tweeted at me but I didn’t hear anything else from them about it.

I might just completely kill off the email list because dealing with this kind of bullshit is not why I do this… In fact this mess makes me wonder why I do this at all. The last thing I want is to waste people’s time and cause problems like this.

Whatever the case, I’m very sorry for the mess in your inbox. To those of you who got really upset with me, all I can say is that I understand it’s frustrating. On the other hand it’s just fucking email and maybe you should go outside and enjoy some fresh air! To those of you who we’re cool about it, I appreciate that.

All of that said, Friday Mixtape 278 is up and I hope you enjoy it. Here’s the original post:

Hello Folks,

Welcome to the 278th edition of the Friday Mixtape.

If you’d like to download my photograph above at full resolution I’ll post it at later on.

See you next week and thanks for the donations.


Full Mix:
Friday Mixtape 278

Naked As We Came (Broke For Free Remix) – Broke for Free
The Woods (Rami & Mitchell Southam Remix) – Hollow Coves
Operate ft Royal – Kill Paris/Royal
Maybe (Empia Remix) – Carmada
Sun – Strange Babes
Radar – GRRL PAL
Tell Me Yeah (feat. Young Chris) – Girl Talk & Freeway
Stuck On You – BenZel ft. Tory Lanez
Native Son feat. Raekwon & Orlando Napier – Gramatik
Do You Robotaki Midnight Snack Edit – Miguel
As Long As You’re With Me – STINT X DiRTY RADiO
Peaches & Cream (JackLNDN Remix) – Snoop Dogg
Raye – Bet U Wish (Lucian Remix) – Lucian
Flicka Da Wrist (Gorilla Bass Remix) – Chedda Da Connect
XYLØ – America (Young Bombs Remix) Radio Edit – XYLØ
Satellites (feat. Oscar Del Amor) – Klaypex
Mykonos (Fleet Foxes Cover) – Goldroom
Compass (Milk N Cookies Remix) – Zella Day
Daniel Johns x Naderi – Aerial Love (Remix) – Daniel Johns x Naderi
Tell Me – ØRKA