Friday Mixtape 298 – by @TheLastMinute

Friday Mixtape 298

Hey Homies,

Last week I tossed out the idea of shutting this website down on Friday Mixtape 300. After hearing from about 20 of you via email I’ve decided I’ll keep going. I’m not shutting this thing down any time soon. Some of your responses we’re so thoughtful that it actually helped me clarify things. So thanks for that. It’s always nice to hear from you. I think I’ll just aim for 400 next. We can discuss again later.

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Thanks for visiting. See you fine folks next week and beyond.

At your service,

Full Mix:
Friday Mixtape 298

How Many Times – Eryn Allen Kane
The Sway – Jessie Siren
Anchor (Boehm Remix) – Novo Amor
Never Moved – Tom Misch
But U Won’t – Goldwash
Propaganda (Crankdat & Havok Roth Remix) – Dj Snake
Just Us feat. Liinks (VIP) – Ephwurd
Aexai (Open Your Mind) (Nest HQ Premiere) – Seigyn
Gone (INSTRUM Remix) – Monogem
Don’t Look Back (feat. Ashe) – Ben Phipps
Beat The Sunrise feat. Andrew Watt (Halogen Remix) – SNBRN x Andrew Watt x Halogen
Trapped in Fourths (feat. Mona Moua) – T-Mass
Let Me Touch Your Fire (Snøwmass Remix) – A R I Z O N A
Without You – Caius