Friday Mixtape 311 – by @TheLastMinute

Friday Mixtape 311


Welcome to the 311th edition of the Friday Mixtape!

Can you help me with something?

There is this high school student I know who desperately wants to make his music but literally cannot afford the instruments he needs. His high school music program has no money and he’s been having a tough time both psychologically and monetarily. He lives in a socioeconomically depressed region and nobody is supporting this young man. So we’re going to help him. If you want to contribute visit the donate page and send me a few bucks. Any money I receive this week will go toward this young man and his music. You can use paypal, gumroad, or send BTC. If you’ve been listening here for years now is your chance to show your support. Thanks guys!

Thanks for listening everyone.

See you next week.


Full Mix:
Friday Mixtape 311

Nautilus (Hijacked) – Breakdown Brass
My Things – Trails and Ways
PK Subban (Prod. Noah Barer & Cavewerk) – Wasiu
Back It Up – BRLY LGL
Killa (Slushii Remix) – Wiwek & Skrillex Ft. Elliphant
Never Be Like You ft. Kai (Tyson Kraft Remix) – Flume
Set It Off – MY YOUTH
Midnight Swim (Sean Turk Remix) – Vanessa Elisha
Somebody Else (Edos Remix) – The 1975
I’m Honestly Not A Gangster – Jerry Folk
Wine – jahkoy
Low Key – Jojee
Penny – jason nolan
Mixtape (feat. Young Thug, Lil Yachty) – Chance The Rapper