Friday Mixtape 312 – by @TheLastMinute

Friday Mixtape 312

Hey folks,

Welcome to the 312th edition of the Friday Mixtape!

Thanks for your help!

As you may remember last week I asked for you guys to chip in to help me buy some music equipment for a young man. A handful of you guys donated in and the boy now has a brand new tool in his hands to make his music.

The young man’s tweets have gone from very down and dark to a healthier more positive outlook. I would link to him here but I’m not sure that’s appropriate. He’s pretty young and I haven’t talked to his parents or whatever. We also sent him a few books to read. He is just waiting for the memory card to arrive now for the sampler. The main thing is you guys improved the quality of this young man’s life. So thanks for that. Means a great deal to me and to him.

For those of you who donated I’ll send each of you an email update about the young man. Right now I’m going to bed because I’m quite sick.

See you next week.


Full Mix:
Friday Mixtape 312

Save Their Souls (Poolside Edit) – Bihannon
Through Emptiness – Corbu
S I S T E R – B O B B Y N O U R M A N D
Someday (feat. Wild & Free) – Falqo
Herefore (Roisto Remix) – Parcels
May – Aire Atlantica
Never forget you (Price & Takis Remix) – Zara Larsson
Dazed And Confused ft. God – Die Antwoord
Play That Way – The Underachievers
Hey Ya – Sweater Beats & KAMAU
Coexist (Original Mix) – Prismo
Matoma – Running Out (CLOUDCHORD Remix) – CLOUDCHORD
Bright Side (Two Friends Remix) – Vicetone ft. Cosmos & Creature
Sensations (Wheathin Remix) – Elohim
Back it up – SwuM
But Now A Warm Feel Is Running (Crvvcks Remix) – Fhin
Never Be Like You (Flume Cover) – Crywolf
Complexion (feat. Dizzy Fae) – su na
Mura Masa – Lotus Eater (Tonton Remix) – Mura Masa
Owls – cln
Mantissa – Kin Klavé