Friday Mixtape 334 – by @TheLastMinute


Welcome to the 334th Friday Mixtape.

I’m probably going to turn off the email ‘newsletter’ for Friday Mixtape in order to simplify things around here. If you happen to be seeing this via email this might be the last email you get from Yay for less email!

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Full Mix:
Friday Mixtape 334

eating dango in the park with u – Killer Bee
Take A Look – jackLNDN
Morning House – Glassio
Be happy – The Geek x VRV
Messages from nowhere – deadmau5
March – Alexander Lewis
Jefe – Boombox Cartel
Stranded (ft. Kiddo) – WRLD x smle
torrents – Luunes
Safe Travels ft. Writegroove – Samurai Del
Tell Me The Same (Midoca Remix) – MICHL
Wasted My Love – Axel Mansoor