Friday Mixtape 369 – by @TheLastMinute

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Friday Mixtape 369.

I’ve been having a hard time prioritizing Friday Mixtape lately. Between two small children, work, and just general life shit it’s becoming harder to keep Friday Mixtape going. I might take a break from things here for a while or shut this thing down entirely soon. I’m not sure yet honestly. Next week I’m having surgery so I won’t be putting up a mixtape next Friday for sure. After that who knows. We shall see.

The image above can be viewed at full size here.

See you after surgery (hopefully! eek!),

Full Mix:
Friday Mixtape 369

When You’re Ready – Tadashi
Koresma – The Overlook (Common Tiger Remix) – Koresma Common Tiger
Go (feat. Chymes) – Ukiyo
Nowadays (Snugs Remix) – Lil’ Skies
pretend – okaywill
For the Ones – Alton
Rise – Far Out
Lost In You (Josh Marsh Remix) – Nervo
Trust – Odnesse
Be On Through – oOoOO & Islamiq Grrrls
absence – nikko xxi
bly – Space Afrika