Friday Mixtape 372 – by @TheLastMinute

Oh Hello There,

Welcome to Friday Mixtape 372. This mixtape is particularly disco because it is mostly this.

If you have any interest in vintage cars and motorcycles check out these photos from The Race Of Gentlemen 2018 I shot last weekend.

The image above can be viewed at full size here.

Cya Laters,

Full Mix:
Friday Mixtape 372

Trésor (RECOVER – Re-edit) – POLO&PAN
Let It Burn – KOLE
Keep dancing (RECOVER – Re-edit) – JEAN TONIQUE
the real world – Elle Belle
Golden Moses – Pixel Grip
02:38:00 – ye.
Walls – Vandelux
Discomania (Lele Sacchi re-edit) – Piero Umiliani
Cloud Keep ft. Abbi Press (Bohkeh Remix) – Mark Redito
Persuasive percussions (RECOVER – Re-edit) – RUBIN STEINER
Chant No 1 (Don’t Need This Pressure On) (Body Music Edit) – spandau ballet
Lady Lady – Masego
Fly shit (RECOVER – Re-edit) – UNCLE O